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October 23, 2018 0 Comments

It’s no doubt that world map watches are killing it as far as travel fashion accessories go at the moment.

Instagrammers, bloggers and avid travelers alike are making the web a whole lot more colourful with wanderlust-inducing photos of their world map watches against stunning turquoise ocean backdrops, teamed with wrists full of colourful boho friendship bracelets…

And we’re loving it!

1. GLOBETROTTER World Map Watch

Yeahhh, kind of obsessed with this one.

With a leather-looking wristband which comes in beige, black or white and a 38mm dial diameter, this classic world map watch isn’t too in your face, yet it definitely makes a statement.

We chose this watch for the globetrotters who like simple sophistication in their life but at the same time, don’t mind using a squat toilet in the middle of Thailand if it means they get to experience a new country (We get it).

We also really like this one because you can dress it up with gold jewellery or dress it down and get the beachy boho look with a set of colourful friendship bracelets. Totally universal!

And for the price, you really can’t go wrong.

Find it here!


2. Travel World Map Watch


Now this watch is a little more out there with its blue ocean face and range of colourful straps but nonetheless, very cool.

Available in 6 different colours, the Travel Watch is priced so that you can grab a few and mix it up, depending on your mood and itinerary each day.

If you’re heading to the beach, you could go for the yellow or pink teamed with bright coloured jewellery but if you’re heading into a tropical jungle, the green or brown would look amazing teamed with neutral colours.

We think this watch is the perfect way to add a splash of colour to your daytime outfit and serve as a reminder of your fondest travel memories each and every day!

To see more colours in the Travel world map watch, click the link below…

Travel World Map Watch


3.Colorful World Map Watch

This lovely little world map watch had to join the collection just because it’s so cute and summery!

With a colourful map watch face and watch straps available in bright, fun colours like turquoise blue, how can you not want to hit the beach wearing this baby this summer?

If you dream of dancing your way through festivals around the globe, and meeting inspiring people from all walks of life fills you with joy, this is the watch for you.

From the bustling streets of Delhi to the little green villages of China, the JOYRIDE colourful world map watch will keep your travel spirit high!

Match with wanderlust-inspired jewelry for the perfect boho-chic travel look!

 Shop Colorful Watch 


4. Vintage World Map Watch


Last but definitely not least, we’ve chosen a vintage style world map watch for those of you who find pleasure in the simple aspects of traveling…

Like sitting outside an old bookstore sipping on coffee and watching how the local people go about their daily lives…

Or wandering around museums and art galleries to get a genuine feel for the history and culture of where you are…

Whether you’re a sucker for all things old or simply love vintage fashion, the Vintage world map watch is the perfect accessory to fuel your wanderlust in between trips and see the world on trend.

Find it here!