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October 21, 2018 0 Comments

The Drop hook is a wooden, drop-shaped hook with a strong visual expression and exquisite finish. A small piece of art for the wall. Hang a single drop on the wall or create a pattern using several Drop hooks.

Focusing on functional product design, Johanna Asshoff and Hanna Brogård run the design studio Asshoff & Brogård in Stockholm. They get inspiration from the diverse associations and images created by the many symbols in everyday life. Drop symbolizes a touch of both the fashionable and the dramatic, whilst at the same time having a simple and recognizable shape.



Asshoff & Brogård explains: “With Drop we have designed a hook that is so much more than an object to hang coats on. We have worked with wood turning techniques to give Drop an exquisite finish, and the wood’s structure and grain give the product a unique character.”

Drop is an example of how even a simple product with a simple function can make an impact. Drop is available here!

Design: Asshoff & Brogård