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November 02, 2018 0 Comments

The Scratch Map for learning

One of the most exciting inventions to come about in recent years include the scratch map collection, scratch maps for the world to help document travel and for individuals interested in geography, the scratch map is now being viewed as a unique tool to help educate consumers and students about geography and travel around the world.


How To Use Scratch Map Collections For Learning

Whether a homeschooler or an adult wanting to learn more about geography and travel, the scratch map is an ideal tool for learning; it contains invaluable information that a globe normally would, but in a unique format for learning.

The scratch map is much like a globe, but it contains a unique format. All of the information that a map would normally contain is contained in the scratch map.

The key to the map however, is hidden behind a layer of gold foil. Like a ticket to the lottery, users have to scratch off the golden foil to reveal the treasure underneath.

So, to discover where a country or city is, the user has to scratch off the golden outer layer. For teachers and others trying to educate someone about geography, something instantly clicks. Learning can become fun when using a scratch map.

There is something thrilling about using a scratch map. Everyone likes to reveal a hidden treasure. There is something innovative about getting to see what is underneath the gold foil, even if the student or user already knows or has an idea of what is underneath

It gives the user a sense of “winning.” If the educator is having students scratch off places in the world they have been to, then scratching off the scratch map truly is like “winning” a prize.

They get to reveal on the scratch map to others all of the places in the world they have “conquered” and learned about.

Along with this, people scratching off places on the map can draw pictures and tell stories to other students about places on the map they have traveled to. Thus, the use of a scratch map collection, scratch maps for the world, USA, UK, travel edition or Europe instantly becomes a remarkable teaching tool.

Pictures drawn and the stories told can be hung around a classroom or the home learning room and instantly add to the dramatic effect of having a hanging scratch map.


Stories And Scratch Maps

For students who want to travel, they can write stories about the things they plan to do when they get to travel to the destination places they want to go to. Students can all share their combined travel plans, or ask family members about places they have traveled to, and scratch those places off of the map.

Alternately, students from different areas of the world can scratch those places and locations off of the scratch map, so geography can be learned in this way. The scratch map collection, scratch maps for the world is an excellent learning tool regardless that should be considered for any classroom.