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Ultra Slim Colorful Pulled Cards Wallet

SLIM WALLET: As mobile apps gradually replace cash and cards, minimalist slim wallets have come to define the new age of wallets. Inspired by modern digital interface design, we took the concept of slim wallets and brought it to another level -- what if the user experience of a wallet is designed to be as sleek and beautiful as that of digital interfaces? 

CUTTING EDGE DETAILS: We used advanced materials and fabrication techniques to create bare, yet clean edges, creating a crisp, modern aesthetic unlike any other wallet. 

TECHNICAL FABRICS: A high performance fabric originally made for industrial purposes was chosen for its durability, water repellence and premium texture. 

EASY ACCESS CARDS: This special design card holder makes you access your cards easier ever than before. Simply pull out the tab on the top, then you will see all you cards in a glance. Different colors help you remember your card quicker.