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Owl 3D LED Illusion Lamp


The Owl 3D LED Illusion Lamp is a combination of art and technology that creates an optical 3D illusion and plays tricks on the eyes. From afar, you will see the design, but as you get up close, you see a thin acrylic glass sheet that's completely flat. It's bound to dazzle and impress your guests while always lighting up the room and your lives. This playful product combines man made fibers with natural materials and produced using both machines and artisan handwork. Perfect for displaying in your bedroom, living room, office, as a night lamp or any way you want to use it.

Light color: Warm white
Power: 0.5W
LED life span: 10000hours
Power supply voltage: DC5V
Light color temperature: 3000K
LED lamp number: 12
Whether to adjust light: Yes
Material: Acrylic,basswood

- Made of Acrylic Glass. Acrylic Glass or Perspex have similar light transmitting properties like the fiber optics. Light introduced at one end will flow through the Acrylic Glass and later come out at other ends.
- It is perfect for a table lamp, a desk decoration and also great as gift.

1.Take out the wooden stand
2. Use the screwdriver to take-down the screw
3. Put the night light in the middle of the wooden stand
4. Use the screwdriver to put the screw in the original position
5. Plug the wooden stand in the base
6. Finished

Package include:
1x Night light
1x Wooden stand
1x USB Cable
1x Screwdriver
1x Cleaning cloth